On Lindsay Lohan.

  • Tyler: What do the McRib and Lindsay Lohan have in common.
  • Tyler: well
  • Tyler: the answer is
  • Tyler: they both are trending
  • Tyler: and both probably taste like an old sponge
  • Maggie: my breakfast is ruined
  • Tyler: also
  • Tyler: both make a mess when u eat them
  • Maggie: please just…. stop
  • Tyler: ur reactions
  • Tyler: bring out the best in me
  • Tyler: and sams answer was "both make you curl up in a corner and cry after you've had them"
  • Tyler: both lack any actual rib meat
  • Maggie: Tyler.

Phox sings at Mutiny DC for Wilderne

When we met the Portland pop duo in New York last autumn, we spent an afternoon with them at the Moscot eyewear shop on the Lower East side. The former members of Andy Cabic’s backing band in Vetiver have been collaborating on songwriting for the last several years. And though their debut album, Moon Tides, is full of beautifully layered synths, ethereal vocals, electronic percussion and reverb-laden guitar, Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman shared with us sparse yet heart-rending acoustic versions of a couple of their most beautiful songs.